Halifax County Student Chosen as Head Page for 2013

Halifax Co., VA - A Halifax County High School student is making her community proud, thanks to a special designation from the State capitol.

Freshman Heather Griles has been selected to be the Head Page in the 2013 House of Delegates Page Program.

Griles' brother served as a page in 2004 and since then it was her dream to follow in those footsteps.

Now, the Halifax County High School freshman will be heading to Richmond - for the second straight year - to connect with some of Virginia's most powerful figures.

"I applied and I didn't think I was going to get it but I got it, " said Griles. "It's like the best opportunity I've ever gotten in my life because you get to meet all these new people and you have a lot of freedom, and you learn a lot of things."

She will live in downtown Richmond learning the ins and outs of policy-making.

While she is away, Griles will be responsible for staying on top of school work that she'll miss, but Halifax County Principal Albert Randolph has no doubt that she can handle it.

"Heather is part of our honors program here at Halifax County High School, and she sees that she keeps up with her school work and being able to juggle a really busy schedule, " said Randolph.

Griles says she looks forward to making new friends like the ones she made in Richmond last year.

"We all got so close and I still keep in touch with those people. You get to make long-lasting friendships, " Griles said.

While it will be tough on her family not to have her around, her mother says they couldn't be more proud of her accomplishment.

"A lot of people couldn't believe we let her go, but it's a good experience...once in a lifetime experience. Now she gets to go back again so we're really proud of her, " said Griles' mother, Rita Griles.

The difference between a page and a Head Page is that Heather will be responsible for helping new pages get acclimated to the program.

She says her dream career isn't in politics. She wants to be a vet, but she hopes this experience will open doors for her in the future.