Halifax County-South Boston Library System Reaching Out to Senior Citizens

Halifax Co.,VA-- The Halifax County-South Boston Library System has decided to do things a little differently. Their bringing the books to the readers. But it's not for everyone, it's reaching out to people that can't necessarily visit one of their libraries to check out a book.It's called the library outreach program and senior citizens are the ones taking full advantage. Instead of having to make their way to the library, the program delivers a ton of books right to their assisted living facility. It's people like Frances McCleanan, a resident at Commonwealth Assisted Living Facility in South Boston, who's excited about this new service.She's an avid reader, already finishing 20 books this year."I read more than I did when I was younger because I'm not as active as I used to be, so reading helps me to escape, and it's fun." said Frances McCleanan, resident Commonwealth Assisted Living Facility.And that's exactly the goal of the library system's new outreach program: to spread the fun of reading to those who don't have easy access to books. "We'll take them a first collection of 40 books. They're all large print. They get to keep them for two months. At the end of that time, one of us at the library will go out, we'll take those first 40 back and we'll bring them 40 new books," said Jay Stephens, Director of Halifax County-South Boston Library System. So far Commonwealth Living Assisted Facility and Chastain Home in Halifax have joined. They say it's been a hit."They look forward to them," said Monica Adcock, Executive Director of Commonwealth Assisted Living Facility.They said the two best parts about the program is its convenience, and the fact that all the books are large print."Large print is what I need. My eyes have gotten old too," said McCleanan. "When you get some age on you, it's quite a chore to go out an get in your automobile, got to the library, get out , go in the library ,search for your book," said Dorothy Throckmorton, director of Chastain Home. "It's so convenient," said Janet Dejarnette, a resident at Chastain Home.