Halifax County Sheriff Facing Investigation

Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Halifax, VA - Halifax County Sheriff Stanley Noblin is facing allegations that he may have embezzled money. Now, the state Attorney General's office has authorized state police to investigate.

Halifax County Commonwealth's Attorney Kim White says she was given information that required a third party investigator to review it to remove any conflict of interest.

Southampton Commonwealth's Attorney Eric Cooke looked at the information and asked the Attorney General to authorize an investigation.

In a letter to the Superintendent of the State Police, Cuccinelli wrote:

"It is alleged that Sheriff Noblin may have violated Virginia Code by embezzling or misusing asset forfeiture funds. After reviewing the request, submitted materials and relevant portions of the Virginia Code, I am of the opinion that an investigation is warranted."

If found guilty, Noblin could be looking at some major time for the felony.

In a statement given to ABC 13, Noblin said:

"It's unfortunate something like this comes up three weeks prior to the election. Myself and the rest of the sheriff's office will be cooperating with the state police and any type of investigation they see fit."