Halifax County Fire Crews Fight Six Brush Fires Within Hours

Halifax, VA-- The relatively dry conditions have contributed to some brush fires in Halifax County.

The Department of Forestry said another factor is the high winds that come at this time of the year.
Firefighters in Halifax County were very busy Wednesday, responding to six fires all in one afternoon. They say almost all of them could have been prevented.
The calls just kept coming for firefighters across Halifax County on Wednesday afternoon. Responding to six brush fires put them in quite a bind.
"Particularly in they daytime, when most of these fires occurred, there are very limited resources and very limited manpower. It makes it extremely difficult to respond, but our volunteers have done a phenomenal job this wildfire season, especially this week, " said Kirby Saunders, Emergency Services Coordinator for Halifax County.

The biggest fire scorched 10 acres of land on Winn Creek Road in Halifax.
Emergency Services Coordinator Kirby Saunders said each could have been prevented.
"Our goal is life, safety and prevention and protection of property," said Saunders.
Thankfully no one was hurt and no home got damaged. But experts said these brush fires travel fast.
"It can spread faster than a human can run," said George Hendrick, Halifax County Department of Forestry.
And even if it just rained you may not be out of the woods. Experts said even if the ground doesn't really feel too dry, there still is a possibility of a brush fire.
"Even right after rain, we've had fires escape. That's because the wind can dry the leaves and grass very quickly," said Hendrick.
To make sure you're not a victim, follow the current burn ban. That's no burning before 4 p.m. until April 30th. If you do burn, don't dump ashes on a dry area.
"They should have a metal bucket for their ashes to dump those in and to always add water until the ashes are completely cool. If that takes days to do and water then that's what they should do," said Hendrick.
Some more tips, make sure you stay with the fire until it's completely out. Keep your debris piles small and add to them as they burn down. You want to burn if the humidity is high and the winds are low. If you can't tell, you can always call your local dispatch center.

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