Halifax County Celebrates Restoration of Historic Noland Village

By: Tola AdamsonNathalie, VA - Hundreds of people in Northern Halifax County took a step back in time on Saturday; all the way back to the early 1800's for an event called Noland Day.The day is dedicated to celebrating the restoration of a small area in Nathalie called Noland Village. In the early 19th century, it was a thriving town built on the tobacco business. Years ago, it was restored to give people a taste of what life was like back then. With the machinery, cars and homes, Noland Village Country Fair Day offers a blast from the past."You can come here and take a breath of fresh air and see how calm life used to be, even though it's not anymore," said Randy Blankenship, one of the event organizers.It all started with the late Roy Blanks, who grew up in Noland Village in Nathalie. Blnks wanted it to be remembered as the thriving town it once was."He was very proud of this area and tobacco and its heritage that really helped establish this area many many years ago," said Blankenship.After the glory days of Noland Village, all that was left was a church and an old country store. Years ago, a team began to revive Noland Village, first starting with the restoration of Halifax Church. They then did research and found the locations of previous structures, and moved historic buildings in their place."This is a tavern, over here that he found in Prospect, Virginia. He bought that and had it disassembled, moved here, and recreated," said Blankenship.It gives people a real taste of the way their ancestors lived. "Everybody just likes to know where their roots are, and a lot of them are here in Halifax County. You don't forget your past, and I found out the older you get, the more you cherish your past," said Carolyn Blanks Slayton, a resident of Noland Village.Saturday marked 25 years that folks have been celebrating the restoration of Noland Village. They planted a tree in memory of Roy Blanks who died in 2007, but left the legacy of a revived Noland Village.
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