Halifax County Businesses Thankful Major Flooding Not Likely

Halifax Co., VA - Halifax County has had some serious flooding in the past, but this storm looks like it will not cause as much damage. Still, to be safe, crews were out monitoring the river all day Wednesday. During other storms, flooding has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to Halifax County stores. Though there's a flood warning for South Boston, everyone is thankful it doesn't look like they'll see a big problem this time around.It's been said that April showers bring May flowers but they don't bring customers to Reaves Home and Garden in South Boston."It can get frustrating because of the fact that there may be 2 days you will lose some business because of it," said Wanda Reaves, owner of Reaves Home and Garden.During really bad storms the Dan River can flood South Boston and Paces. While Reaves says they haven't had flood damage, they have seen street closures outside their store, which can hurt her bottom line."Most people are not going to go out of the way to come down this way," said Reaves.Halifax County Emergency Services Coordinator Kirby Saunders says they may have gotten lucky this time."They really dodged a bullet, we all did," said Saunders.Saunders says the forecast as of Wednesday morning shouldn't result in any major Halifax County flooding. But it hasn't slowed him down. Saunders spent the day monitoring the river levels and reporting back to the National Weather Service."So we have an idea for the future. If they say 27 feet, we know exactly where 27 feet puts the river at," says Saunders.South Boston has had a river gauge for three years now, but this is the first time Saunders can assess its results."If it was going to be a major event we wouldn't be focused on gathering data. We would be forced on response," says Saunders.Saunders says this way they will better prepared for the next big storm."It's very important for us moving forward and knowing how to warn our citizens," says Saunders.Saunders says the river should peak between Friday and Saturday. He will be out there regularly monitoring the levels.