Halifax Co. Workshop Teaches on the Farm Butchery Techniques

Halifax Co., VA - More and more people are buying locally raised meat.

Now, local farmers are educating meat producers to make sure you get the best product for your money.

Attendees had a chance to see a side of beef analyzed and sliced into value cuts that wouldn't be available at most large retail markets.

Workshops like these are a sign of the times when people rely more heavily on the expertise of the supplier.

About 30 people braved the cold to watch a master butcher put his skills to work.

"A little bit cold today, but it's a nice workshop - just encouraging people and educating people on the value of good meat and buying locally, " Fred Blackburn.

Denise and David Hudson put the workshop together after seeing an increase in people wanting to see more awareness from meat producers.

"People are really more interested in knowing the face of the farmer. They're interested in knowing where their meat product is coming from, how the meat source is treated, how it's raised, " said Denise Hudson.

And the techniques work with other animals as well.

The Hudsons say learning to utilize the entire product with value-added cuts is becoming a lost art.

"Today when you go to the grocery store, the pre-cuts come from a processor. All they do is slice them up either with a saw or a knife, " said David Hudson.

"This is not glorified work. A lot of people don't put as much effort into it as they need to because they're not getting paid as well, " said Master Butcher Justin Meddis.

Blackburn says he plans to use the techniques he's learned for a bull he lovingly named Henry.

"Henry has met his demise, but he'll feed the rest of the family, hopefully for the rest of the year, " he said.

He says this workshop is just an example of how the Hudsons are at the forefront of the local food movement.

"Denise has done a wonderful job. She has been very, very good for the area at bringing good quality products to the marketplace, " Blackburn said.

The Hudsons sell their meat at Country Charms Farm Store and Elmo Country Store in Halifax County.

They also take custom orders.

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