Halifax Co. Volunteers Take Part in National Day of Service

Halifax Co., VA - This week people across the nation will be uniting to give back to their community as a part of the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Locally, Halifax County got in the spirit Sunday by volunteering at their local state park.

Staunton River Battlefield State Park is the smallest state park in Virginia. The park officials say they're grateful for volunteers, because they keep the park running.

The park only has five paid staff members plus the volunteers to care for the 350 acres of land in Halifax County.

"With state budget cuts and such, we're under staffed and way under funded," said George Jefferson, Education Ranger at Staunton River Battlefield Park.

This time of the year, though, the park gets the help that it needs.

"Stewardship Virginia and part of DCR, Department of Conservation and Recreations' mission is to go after projects that we need more help with and more man power," Jefferson added.

The most important projects crews work on are invasive species removal and improving water quality.

To coincide with the National Day of Service, volunteers got together to build a unique play area for the park's young visitors Sunday.

"We're working on a nature playground," said volunteer Jennifer Hatcher.

"We're using wood and stone and have some recycled telephone poles, everything came from off the ground here, and it's something they can connect to whether it be trees, sand, dirt or rocks," Jefferson said.

Henry Wade, 15, knows just how much volunteer days mean to the park's staff. Since June, the young volunteer has spent over 130 hours volunteering for the park.

"I try to come here three or four times a week, keeping the park going, everything looking clean, people respect that," Wade said.

"Without their labors, we really couldn't get all the things done," Jefferson said.

"I thought that I could just do my good deed for the day," said Volunteer Harley Randall.

Staunton River Battlefield State Park is open Wednesday through Sunday, and officials are always looking for more volunteers.

If you'd like to help them out, contact Jennfier Harcher, the volunteer coordinator at 434-454-4312 or click here.