Halifax Co. Sheriff Rolls Out 'Cuffin Cancer Cruiser'

Halifax Co., VA - The Halifax County Sheriff is showing his support for Breast Cancer awareness in a unique way.

Clark unveiled the Cuffin' Cancer Cruiser, a specially designed car they will use to raise awareness and money for cancer patients in the community.

The Sheriff partnered with the Halifax County Cancer Association on the project, and all of the funds raised will benefit the group.

When cancer survivor Karen Laughorn went to get her first mammogram last year, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

"I had no family history, I thought I was doing everything right," Laughorn said.

Laughorn began treatment at Duke University Medical Center and from day one, the Halifax County Cancer Association was on her side.

"Gas vouchers, wigs hats....Halifax County Cancer Association is a huge help," Laughorn said.

For all they do to help people just like Karen, Sheriff Fred Clark has stepped up to help the association with the "Cuffin' Cancer Cruiser". The car is the newest addition to his department's fleet and will be on display in the Halifax County Fair Exhibit Hall, where you can make donations.

"We're going to purchase shirts and sweatshirts to sell and all funds raised will be donated," Sheriff Clark said.

All of the graphics and paint on the car were donated by local businesses. The agency plans to use the car in everything from parades to cruise-ins.

"When we come together, everything works so much better together. So we hope to bring awareness to cancer and also as a fundraiser to help the cancer society as well," Clark said.

Cancer Association Director Sharon Blosser says the partnership will help them get the word out.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she says she wants awareness to be on everyone's mind.

"The earlier it is caught, the better off it is. The treatment is easier. The survival rate is better with that. So, that is what we're trying to promote," Blosser said.

The cancer association there will hold a breast self-awareness class Wednesday October 9.

You can also purchase pink t-shirts from Chick-fil-A on Riverside Drive in Danville.

Finally, the Lynchburg Fire Department is also selling clothing and dog tags to promote breast cancer awareness.