Halifax Co. Deputies Investigate Second Store ATM Theft

Halifax Co., VA - For the second time in the past few weeks, thieves have used a vehicle to break into a Halifax County convenience store and steal the ATM.

Investigators with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office were called to Country Express on Route 501 in Nathalie early Wednesday morning.

They believe at about midnight, someone knocked power out at the store before hooking chains to a truck and ripping of the front doors to gain entry.

The thieves are accused of using the vehicle and chains to hoist the ATM out of the store.

"This is a pretty remote area. Some alarms, but nothing of this magnitude," said Michael Womack, an investigator.

Sheriff Fred Clark says there is a possible connection between this crime, an ATM burglary at Gene's Market in South Boston - where the power was also knocked out - and an attempted ATM burglary at BB&T in Keysville.

"It's a lot of similarities. I can't say it's the same people, but they may have something in common," said Womack.

Investigators have brought in some people for questioning but they do not have any concrete leads yet.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Halifax County Sheriff's Office at 434-476-3339.