Habitat For Humanity Making A Big Difference For One Local Neighborhood

Danville, VA -- The Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat For Humanity is making a big difference for one area neighborhood: their own!

While they have helped build and rehabilitate houses around Danville, they are putting a lot of focus on Hughes Street and surrounding streets. In fact, they have built or rehabilitated 5 houses in the area, most of them in the last two years. And in the next year, they hope to have 2 to 3 more done. They say that this not only helps the homeowner but it also helps the whole neighborhood.

"What you see is an area begins to change when there is home ownership. People take greater interest in the neighborhood, they invest more in the property and take better care of it," says Michael D. Parsons, Executive Director for Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat For Humanity.

Habitat usually has the land donated, or they purchase it for a very low price. And then the future homeowner has to buy the house and help build it.