Habitat for Humanity Home Delivered in Amherst Co.

Amherst Co., VA - A house built by Amherst County High School students was hand delivered to its new location Thursday.

This Habitat for Humanity project is now permanently at Gaults Mill Road.

Lynchburg Crane donated its services to move the three bedroom, one bath house onto its foundation.

The school partnered with Amherst County Habitat for Humanity to make it all happen. Around 75 to 100 students started building it back in April.

"The students are learning to built a home. They're getting hands off experience seeing the product be produced, and they are with it until the end," said Craig Cassell with the Amherst Co. Habitat for Humanity.

"I feel they will be very pleased and very happy that we spent our time, and a lot of hours into this house so they can have something they didn't have the economy to do....the money," said Dylan Gillespie, a student builder

There is another Habitat House right beside this one.

ABC 13 will be on hand when the families get the keys and move into their new homes.