Guns and Ammo Becoming Harder to Come by in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - The president's proposed changes to gun control are already affecting people here in our area.

Stores like Dick's and Wal-Mart have run out of certain kinds of ammunition.

Lynchburg Arms and Shooting Range says since January 1, gun sales have skyrocketed some 500%.

The increase in demand has people buying guns for the first time and hoarding all kinds of ammo.

If the NRA needs another spokesperson, Nick Pechstein would be a good contender.

"By taking guns away from people that are responsible citizens, you're taking away the right to defend themselves," Pechstein said.

Pechstein walks into Lynchburg Arms, picks up his .22 caliber pistol, and considers himself to be lucky to leave with the kind of bullets he needs to shoot the gun.

Manager Maynard Lawhorne says their phones have been ringing off the hook since the first of the year, because certain kinds of ammo are now very hard to come by.

Across the nation, there are reports that ammo hoarding has led to shortages for even law enforcement and that the federal system that processes background checks for gun dealers has been so overrun, it's experienced heavy delays.

Tim Payne owns one of the assault-style weapons many worry will be banned, and he hasn't been able to find any ammo to shoot it since October.

"At this point, I'm trying to find it when I can and where I can and hold onto it. At least where I can have enough to actually go shooting for fun," said Payne.

One customer has a different perspective.

He was injured by an IED in Afghanistan in 2010 and earned a purple heart, an experience that's shaped his views on gun control.

"I spent the last year and a half at Walter Reed. So being in that kind of situation, that dangerous environment over there, it has taught me that having guns levels the playing field,"

It isn't just a shortage, you may be paying more for ammo as well.

Magazines with 28-30 bullets, that used to sell for $15, are now gone from shelves, and online retailers are charging at least $50 dollars for them.