Gun Sales Popping at Lynchburg Store

Videographer Ira Quillen captures Smith family gun shopping

Lynchburg, VA - There's a gun buying frenzy going on. One store in our area can't put some guns on the shelf fast enough to keep up with customer demand, and the line at the shooting range is long too.

A couple of things are driving this: In light of the Newtown shooting, there's fear the government's about to crack down on guns. And of course, the holiday rush.

For Stephen Smith and his dad, the shooting range is like their spa - a place to relax.

"When you're with the headsets on, and you can't hear anything but the gunshots, it's your little world," said Smith.

The Smiths try to get a few rounds in at Lynchburg Arms once a week; it's safe to call them regulars. But what's the explanation for the packed parking lot? Why are so many other people at Lynchburg Arms too?

Smith takes one stab at it:

"A lot of it, you've been cooped up with your family for the holidays, so you're trying to get out and get some fun."

Allen Edmondson's got another idea:

"People are scared as far as what the administration is going to do as far as taking their gun rights away."

Gun enthusiasts aren't wasting any time buying. Staff can hardly fill out the paperwork fast enough.

"It gets so packed in here, you can't walk sometimes," said Andy Warden.

Warden's uncle owns Lynchburg Arms. Warden is in for the week as a second pair of hands to help. He's never seen anything like this.

"Phone's ringing constantly, and they're always asking for AR-15s. And we put four back on the shelf cause people didn't come in and get them, but they're out," said Warden.

As fear creates demand, demand shoots prices higher and higher. In some cases, they've doubled.

"The prices are really blowing your mind," we asked. "Oh yeah, for sure," said Edmondson.

At peak time Thursday, the line for the shooting range was an hour and a half, three hours Wednesday. Staff at Lynchburg Arms has been coming in early to prepare for this rush.