Group of Marines Running from Atlanta to Arlington Visits Monument Terrace

Lynchburg, VA-Friday at Monument Terrace, there was a special visit for the faithful veterans who meet there every week at noon. A group of Marines on a journey to Washington D.C. stopped by the downtown memorial. That meant an even bigger crowd for drivers to honk at, and the group of Marines needed some encouragement. They are running all the way from Atlanta to Arlington.

They chose to make a pit stop in Lynchburg Thursday night to spend some time at the American Legion. They also wanted to meet with veterans at Monument Terrace before leaving the Hill City Friday.

The Marines have pledged to run 700 miles in seven days. They started their run Monday in Atlanta and will end it in Arlington Sunday. It's all to help raise money for the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which treats combat wounded veterans for free.

Their goal is to raise $100,000 dollars with this run, and the group had about 75% of that raised Friday afternoon. Group members say the support of the communities they've been running through has helped them make it so far.

"When you're tired and you're hurting, and you see somebody come out of their house and they clap or beep, you get that adrenaline rush. You understand that the community understands the veterans and the great country that we live in. And, it keeps you going for a couple more miles," said Gunnery Sergeant Troy Campbell.

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