Group from Halifax to Participate in Anti-Uranium Rally in Richmond

Halifax, VA-- In the battle over whether or not the 30-year moratorium on uranium mining should be lifted, a group on the Southside is making sure their voices are heard.

"We The People of Virginia Incorporated" is a group based in Halifax, that opposes lifting the ban.

They're preparing for an anti-uranium rally in Richmond on Monday, and they're taking two bus loads to Capitol Square.

Chairman of the group, Jack Dunavant said lots of people want to join them in the rally. He believes that's because more people are now beginning to form their opinion on the issue.

The group's major concerns are about how uranium mining could negatively effect the environment. They said their main reason for going to Richmond is to support the legislators that want to keep the ban, and let others know they won't go down without a fight.

"It poisons the air and it poisons the water, both of which we have to have in abundant supply for growth and prosperity," Dunavant said.

"It's going to be a good opportunity for legislators to actually see that these are people that are hard working folks that have taken a day off from their job to come and add their voice because this is something they feel very passionate about," Dan Elam said.

We're told there will be people from Richmond, Virginia Beach and North Carolina joining them in the rally.