Lynchburg Group Celebrates 600th Week of Supporting Troops at Monument Terrace

Lynchburg, VA - You've seen them standing at Monument Terrace in Lynchburg every week, and Friday the group of patriots celebrated the 600th consecutive week downtown.

It all started on Friday, November 20, 2001 when local group of veterans decided that every Friday at noon, they would stand on Church Street in support of US troops.

Eleven and a half years later, they are still out there every week for an hour - waving their flags and asking drivers to honk in support.

Veterans, parents and regular citizens come out every week, and many have been doing it since that first Friday in 2001.

They say standing out there makes a difference, and those who are serving definitely appreciate it.

"Having their sons and daughters show up after their service in Iraq and Afghanistan come back and say, 'Thank you' for our service... we're here to thank them for their service," said Steve Bozeman, who organizes the group.

"We serve as a reminder. It's easy to forget. If you don't have a loved one there, you don't have a reason to support the military's easy for you to forget," said Wanda Ashby, a supporter.

Bozeman says he's proud of the anniversary Friday, but he won't consider it a victory until all of the troops finally come back home.