Grocery Stores Slammed as Consumers Finish Shopping

Lynchburg, VA - It is a mad house at grocery stores around the area. Since Tuesday, stores have been restocking and restocking to meet the holiday demand.

This time last year, consumers bought 46 million turkeys, according to the National Turkey Federation. This year, that number should be just as high.

Report show 768 million pounds of cranberries are also expected to sell.

Over at F&L Market in Lynchburg, they say people are lining up to get good deals.

"The last couple days have been crazy. They're buying Chitterlings, turkeys, hams, all the stuffings and things like that. We're selling pallets of the sweet potatoes, and regular potatoes, it's been real busy," said Chris Leebrick from F&L Market.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 64,000 grocery stores in the United States, most of which are busy as ever.