Gretna High School And Middle School Marching Band Asking Community For Help To Buy New Uniforms

Gretna, VA-- They're worn and torn and ready for the dumpster. The Gretna High School and middle school marching band has been wearing the same uniforms for the last 13 years.

After hundreds of performances in their gear they say it's time for a change, but getting new uniforms isn't that easy. It comes at a huge cost that school just can't provide, so now the marching band is asking the community for help.

For dozens of years members of the Gretna High School and middle school marching band have played their way through many football games, competitions and parades proudly sporting their school colors white, blue and gold.

But the problem is, since 2001, they've been wearing the exact same uniform, and it's starting to tell.

"The buttons tend to come off and the hems tend to fray. We have to hem up the sleeves and the pants every year so every year, there's a new length of the arms," said Tara Harris, Gretna High School and Middle School Marching Band Director.

They've also had to hem pants because of rips and battle lots of stains.

"We do dry clean them every year, a couple times, but as you can see the chocolate ,or chili, or whatever they eat in their uniforms, which they shouldn't, but it stays there," Harris said.

Harris said it's now time for a new and improved look. The only problem is the funds. With the amount money split between the school's fine arts program , there isn't much left over for new uniforms. Harris said they spend the money on repairing and buying instruments which can cost up to $8,000 to $9,000. And new uniforms are a big expense.

"We're looking at 75 uniforms and the cost is $25,000 and that's the cheapest number I found," Harris explained.

So now, they've beefed up their fundraising efforts and asking the community for help.

"We play at parades and we play at lots of things that are around time. We support the community and we just need the community to support us," Harris said.

On top of the band's usual fundraisers like car washes and bake sales, this summer they are holding an open air market where people can by a space for $10 and sell their items. The dates for that are July 10, July 26, August 12, August 23 and September 13. The times for that are 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

They will also have Shrek movie nights at the Gretna Theatre on September 17, October 22 and November 19. The movie will start at 5:30 p.m. and tickets are $5.

Also, click here, to donate directly to the cause.