Gretna Gains Publicity from 'Moonshiners' Spin-Off

Gretna, VA - Gretna is getting big publicity for a new Discovery Channel show starring none other than Steve Tickle from the hit show Moonshiners.

Tickle is in the process of shooting a spin-off reality show, and they've brought the whole production right to downtown Gretna.

Locals say the show will actually be a mixture of reality and fiction, but those who have gotten a behind the scenes view of the production say this show will bring Gretna a lot of attention.

It's safe to say local business owners are tickled by the new publicity.
"I think it's very exciting. It's going to put Gretna on the map, " said Annette Thompson.
Thompson owns an indoor flea market and antique shop in downtown Gretna. She is just one of several locals that were interviewed by Tickle's crew in the last six weeks.
"You'd be surprised how many people the day they were shooting the scene here that stopped and wanted to take pictures of Tickle and so forth. People have taken a real interest in it, " she said.
A storefront has been rented by the crew as "Tickle's Tackle" shop. While the business is fictional, a certain piece of history behind it that is very real will play into the storyline.
"There was a murder there years ago. That actually happened," Thompson said.
Gretna Mayor Keith Motley says the curiosity the show will generate is nothing but good news for the town.
"People are going to say, 'I see this little town that they're filming in, I'm interested. What's there? What's it all about?' So that stimulates a day trip or a drive or a weekend trip to come figure out what we are, " he said.
Motley thinks it may even encourage other TV shows to see Gretna as a great place to set up shop. He hopes that this will be just the boost the town needs to get back to it's full potential.
"That's just a part of what it takes to make a small town get back on track, and if we need a little bit of Hollywood to help us do that, hey, that's okay, " he said.
The local residents who will appear on the show tell me they were compensated for their roles. No word yet on when the spin-off will air.