Gretna Couple Has Close Encounter With Black Bear, Catches It All On Camera

Gretna, VA - Imagine being just a few steps away from an adult black bear. That's where Jeffrey Simpson and his fiancee found themselves last week."In all my years hunting, I've only seen one other bear, which was probably 125, 150 yards away," Simpson said.Simpson set up turkey decoys to lure in a kill, but the bear came instead."He kept looking back at the decoys, then he finally turned and went straight up to them, " Simpson said.Luckily for the couple, the bear got spooked and ran off, but not before he caught the whole thing on video. "I'm glad it got scared instead of going the other way after them, " said Simpson's mother Ruth who lives less than a mile away from that section of woods."I don't know what I would've done. I would've probably run, which would have been the bad thing to do, " she said.Simpson says he's not too worried about the bear trying to come any closer to his mother's home, but his mom is glad her son has a story to tell for years to come."Everything went fine. They got some good pictures and some good memories."