Greg Biffle Circles Track with 2,000 Students

Reporter: Sarah Bloom

Henry Co., VA - Taking a lap at the track took on a new meaning for NASCAR driver Greg Biffle on Tuesday afternoon.

Biffle will make his 300th Sprint Cup start at the Martinsville Speedway next month. To celebrate, he asked about 2,000 Martinsville and Henry County students to walk the track with him in order to get fit.

If you think there are crashes and pit stops in NASCAR, try circling the short track with elementary school students. Organized chaos isn't completely unfamiliar at the Martinsville Speedway and Biffle knows at that track, you have to expect the unexpected.

"One of them told me I had beautiful eyes and the other one wanted to know what my favorite color was," said Biffle. "It was red, so it was a lot of fun. So, I haven't been around 2 thousand grade school kids in a long time."

But these laps weren't just a meet and greet. They came with an important message to share about making goals, like fitness.

"It's important to lead a healthy life and you know for young people to get educated about that and to live healthy and to exercise."

"He's a fitness driver. Why who doesn't like a fitness driver?" said Zion Adams, an Albert Harris Elementary 2nd grader.

"It makes you feel better and makes you get six inches, I mean six packs," added Adam's classmate, Ahmad Smith.

"It's just important for them to know how to eat right and how to get out and exercise to be healthy," agreed teacher Katrell Ramsey, in 2nd grade at Albert Harris Elementary school.

Biffle says he and his pit crew are working hard to encourage fitness this year.