Greenway Court Featured on Historic Homes Tour

Lynchburg, VA - Several families opened up the doors of their old homes to the public on Sunday. It's part of the Lynchburg Historic Foundation's annual historic homes tour.

Every year, the group chooses homes that are at least 50 years old. They're all within walking distance, and different neighborhoods are featured each year.

This year, the historic foundation chose six homes on Greenway Court. The homes were all built in the years between the 1930s the early 1960s.

"These are peoples' homes that you just don't get to walk up and knock on their door and say 'Can I come in and see your house?' These six people have been so gracious to open their homes for we're hoping 400 people (Sunday)," said Sally Schneider, Executive Director of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation.

The historic homes tour is one of the group's biggest fundraiser events. They will also be hosting their annual "ghost walk" in late October.