Greater Lynchburg Transit Reports Major Turn-Around in Finances

Lynchburg, VA - One year after The Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) found itself heading to City Council asking for a half a million dollar lifeline to pay a line of credit, the bus system is now reporting a more than $700 thousand surplus.

In 2012, GLTC was forced to cut service, and eliminated Sunday service all together just to make up for their financial woes.

Now, after a change in the top position, it seems that GLTC's dark days are behind them.

Tom Mutters is fairly new to Lynchburg. He says thanks to the bus system, because he has an affordable and reliable transportation option.

"It's got the town covered, and it's real easy, everything is right out of plaza," Mutters said.

Mutters says for the past two months, GLTC has been his only way to get around. Having a reliable means of transportation helped him land a job.

"I wouldn't be able to have a job if it weren't for the bus line here in Lynchburg," Mutters said.

After the financial trouble the bus company found its self in recent years, changes were made at the top. Despite the reduction in service, business is good for GLTC.

According GLTC's General Manager Karen Walton, one reason for the surplus is a 2% increase on people riding the bus since July 1.

Walton is approaching her one year anniversary of being in GLTC's top spot. She says in addition to the increase in riders, she says many other little things have helped achieve more than $700 thousand in surplus.

"Our Maintenance Department has really done a good job going out and getting the absolute best prices they can for tires and oil and everything they can there," Walton said.

There may be no one happier in the GLTC turn around than City Council, who over the years has made some tough decisions when it came to the bus systems finances. At least one member says a lot of the praise needs to go to the new general manager herself.

"She has come in with ideas from her old system where she came from, and she's come in seen our system with brand new eyes, and that always helps," said Vice Mayor Ceasor Johnson.

In addition to the surplus, GLTC recently hired 25 new employees to save more money on overtime costs.

Currently there is no word on if services that were cut will be reinstated.