Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Awards $10,980 to the Lynchburg Humane Society

{}Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Humane Society applied for a grant from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, which provides assistance to enhance the quality of life in the City of Lynchburg and its surrounding areas. This week it was announced that the LHS was granted $10,980 that will be used to pay for the costs associated with 150 adoptions and allow us to purchase technology such as tablets to assist with marketing and adoptions. {}During the Lynchburg Humane Society's Summer of 1,000 Lives campaign which is part of the ASPCA Rachel Ray 100k Challenge, the humane society is reducing adoption fees considerably in order to save as many pets as they can.{} Unfortunately they still have to incur the costs associated with the care of the animals so this grant gives them the funding to help cover operational costs such as spay/neuter, vaccines and testing for 150 adoptions. Funding from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust also allows the Lynchburg Humane Society to obtain the technology to quickly and efficiently complete adoptions as they happen, as well as being able to promote adoption specials and the pets that are available for adoption. The Humane Society would be able to purchase two tablets that would not only help them with the Challenge, but would allow them use in the future for a more personal, easier experience for the adopter. They will use the tablets in the adoption area to inform or answer questions about a cat or dog, immediately post photos of available or adopted cats and dogs with their new families, and promote the Lynchburg Humane Society's participation in the Challenge to the Lynchburg community. This grant will enable the Lynchburg Humane Society to promote and adopt out more animals and this will in return allow us to help more owners and to transfer in more animals from other pounds, hopefully resulting in less euthanasia in the surrounding county pounds. {}{} {}