Greg Biffle Stops by Martinsville High School

Martinsville, VA - Martinsville High School is starting the year off right with a celebrity guest. Sprint Cup driver Greg Biffle went to the school Tuesday to talk with kids.

The students made banners for this big visit. Biffle spoke about his charity work, public appearances and of course NASCAR.

It's not every day that a pep rally at Martinsville High School comes with a helicopter, a NASCAR backdrop, and a celebrity.

"I'm excited, I'm an honorary Bulldog now!" said Biffle.

For the students, having Greg Biffle stop by was a really big deal.

"None of the other schools around here have ever done anything like this so it really sets us apart from everyone else," said Michael Mason, a senior at MHS.

"It would be very important to have someone as big as him to come to our school and talk to us," said Travis Maxey, a junior.

"He supports Martinsville and that it's a great place," said Chan Lee, senior at MHS.

The day became 'Greg Biffle Day' in Martinsville and Henry County. Biffle even added five hundred dollars to a scholarship created in his honor.

"I jumped at the opportunity because I knew the kids would be excited, it would be fun to do, it would be fun to come see them all and be able to talk to them. It was all the things I expected," said Biffle.

Besides all of the cheering, many students took away a deeper message.

"Since he is here at our actual school, this is going to tell people that school is important because we have important people come here," said Mason.

"He made it to the top of his profession so maybe when I graduate with my degree I can make it to the top of my profession," said Devante Martin, a senior.

And there seemed to be a few fans in the making.

"I'll have to get a shirt, a hat, all the works," said Martin.

"That's great to convert people to be a 16 fan, that's a lot of fun for me," said Biffle.

Even though Biffle hasn't had the best of luck at Martinsville in the past, he hopes that this trip may be a lucky charm come October!