Grant Approved to Revitalize Keysville

Keysville, VA - There's a lot of excitement in Keysville, as the town is ready to begin a downtown revitalization project that many business owners have been looking for.

The Department of Housing and Community Development just approved a contract to grant the town around $500,000 to help with improvements, including things like sidewalk upgrades, road markings, and more.

Frank Watts, a store owner, says he needs all the help he can get. Watts has owned the local barber shop, Jackson's, for more than 40 years.

"The ceiling was all messed up," said Watts.

He's already spent around $3,500 of his own money to renovate the building.

"We got that primed up and painted," said Watts.

Watts put in new floors, cabinets, trim, and a new roof.

"Basically, we've got it in pretty good shape right now," said Watts.

That's just the inside. Now, he needs help outside like a new awning.

"It's wind beaten and all to pieces and that's where I'd really like to have some help," said Watts.

"We've been dreaming right up until this time, but now the dream is going to come true," said Keysville Vice Mayor Joanna Lang.

Lang says getting the grant has really motivated the locals.

"Everybody is enthusiastic, everybody is helping everybody out. People are shopping at each others' shops," said Lang.

"I think it'll be just great," said Watts.

After all the plans are laid out, the town of Keysville will have a much needed face-lift.

"And if there's any money left over, then I can have one too right?" said Watts.

The project kick-off meeting will be held Tuesday night at 5 p.m. at the Keysville Fire Station. The public is encouraged to attend.