Grand Home Furnishings Celebrates 60-Year-Old Tradition

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke-based Grand Home Furnishings is celebrating an in-store tradition that began 60 years ago in Lynchburg.

That's when the streets of downtown Lynchburg were filled with people trying to get into the company's newest branch at the time--all trying to get a free bottle of coke.

Since that time, the company says it has handed out millions of bottles to people who have come in their doors over the years.

Juanita Burford was the person handing out the Cokes that day, which led to a reward!

"And then after I worked for one day at Grand when I got a $10 raise a week after one day's work," said Burford.

Coca-Cola sent high level corporate officers from Charlotte to Roanoke to recognize the tradition.