High School Graduation Rates on the Rise

Lynchburg, VA - The Virginia Department of Education released new numbers that say 88% of students in the class of 2012 graduated on time, in four years, from high school.

The rates are going up. In fact, the DOE said the dropout rate has fallen by more than 25 % in the last five years.

Here is a closer look at how Lynchburg City School's compare:

In 2012 at E.C. Glass four year graduation rates went up 4% to 84.4% in 2012, from 80.4% the year before.

At Heritage High School, they went up to 86.5% from 79.5% in 2011 -- 7 percentage points.

ABC 13 News caught up with Heritage administrators Jason Jamerson, who is head of guidance, and Tim Beatty, the principal. They said they've been working hard on those numbers.

"We try to be proactive and help everybody and try to involve teachers, administrators, the councilors and the students themselves," Jamerson said.

"The division motto is every child by name and by need so we are going to continue to meet the needs of all of our students and try to make sure everybody is working towards graduating," Beatty explained.

To see the rates in your school system, click here.