Grad Students Want to Make Bedford Better

Bedford, VA - Two graduate students from the University of Illinois are in Bedford and want to talk to residents about how to make it a better community.

Aaron Bond and Zachary Klaas are leading the Bedford Connections project.

They want to talk to people who live there about developing the town's resources and spaces to better meet the community's needs.

Bond spent a lot of time in Bedford growing up and still has family in town.

"It's got a home feel to it. Everyone's really neighborly here," said Bond. "In terms of what's here, there's a lot of valuable things and I think that better connections between those things and spaces that kind of accentuate that valuable quality could really help in bringing out that value."

The pair will be hosting focus group meetings at the Bedford Public Library. The meetings are Saturday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.