Governor Talks About Jobs Coming to Henry County

Henry Co., VA - Governor Terry McAuliffe made a huge jobs announcement Friday morning on the Southside. Kilgour Industries Ltd is coming to Henry County and bringing 155 jobs.

Not only is Kilgour bringing jobs, the company is also investing more than $27 million into its first U.S. operation, something that should make a big difference to the area.
"This truly is a momentous day," said McAuliffe.

The announcement was momentous for the new governor, Terry McAuliffe, and the people of Henry County.
"I really wanted to make a mark by doing my first official announcement here because I want to help the communities that are hit the hardest," said McAuliffe.
Friday, McAuliffe announced United Kingdom-based Kilgour will be bringing its first U.S. operation right here to Henry County.
"It's been a long term ambition for Kilgour to do the US, finally we are actually doing this, it was great," said Ray Kilgour, CEO of Kilgour Industries.
Virginia beat out the Carolinas, Florida, and Michigan for the project. Kilgour says the persistence of the people at the Economic Development Cooperation like Mark Heath were the reason for their decision.
"We want to make sure that we won his company for our community, and we'll do whatever it takes, go wherever we need to go, whenever to make that happen," said Heath.
The company supplies aircraft airframe and engine machined products. This year, they will build a 59,000 square foot facility in the Patriot Center Industrial Park.
"This is another tool in our toolbox to lure businesses to come to Henry County and Martinsville," said McAuliffe.
Not only will the new company be a potential draw for other businesses, Kilgour plans to keep getting bigger. The company expects to double in size in a couple of years, both here and overseas.
The company says it's a little too early to start accepting applications. They will, however, be looking for workers with computerized numerical control skills. The pay will be about $15 an hour.
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