Governor McAuliffe Talks About Economy And Coal Ash in Visit to Danville

Danville, VA - Governor Terry McAuliffe had a lot to say about the economy, education, and even coal ash Tuesday. He spoke at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville. Business and community leaders were in attendance.Governor Terry McAuliffe jumped right in to the biggest issue in our area, the economy."It is the number one issue I deal with everyday," said McAuliffe. He says he spends a majority of his time focused on jobs, not just for the Southside but the Commonwealth as a whole."We are all in this together now," said McAuliffe. McAuliffe says the success of Virginia's economy balances on the success of our schools."We have got to deal with this education system. We have to make sure we are getting the best teachers we can in the area we need them the most or else we are not going to be able to bring those new businesses in," said McAuliffe. He discussed changes made to standardized tests as well fixing workforce development."I think it was important to hear that the governor is focused on job creation and recognizes that education and work force development will be the key to the future success of this region," said Laurie Moran, President of Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber. McAuliffe also talked about the coal ash spill, and the impact that could have on Danville's economy."You can have everything going for you but if they are worried about drinking water and all that, that's just one more thing a business is going to say 'I don't need the headache for my employees'," said McAuliffe. McAuliffe says he has met with Duke's CEO and hopes to prevent another disaster like this. "We move very quickly on top of that, we will hold the people who are responsible for it, but along the way trying to tweak it to make sure this doesn't happen in the future," said McAuliffe.McAuliffe also touched on the train derailment in Lynchburg last month. He said he is working on legislation that would allow Virginia to know what cargo is being brought into the Commonwealth on a train.When McAuliffe was asked if there could be a government shutdown, he answered with a definitive 'no' but he said Republicans need to compromise.