Governor Launches 'Campaign for 1,000' Adoption Challenge

Richmond, VA - Governor Bob McDonnell announced a campaign Friday to help children without families find a home.

He says the goal of the Campaign for 1,000 is to match 1,000 adoptive families with 1,000 orphans. Often times, that process starts with foster care.

Amber Dollarhite and her husband Lucas have been fostering children for a year. They currently are foster parents to three little ones, a 4-month-old, a 14-month-old, and a 2-year-old.

"Our hearts are huge and our home is big enough for them to be here so it's so hard to say no," said Amber Dollarhite.

Each child comes in with a different past. Some birth parents may have drug, alcohol or domestic problems, or they may have passed away.

"They may come to us and aren't able to speak because they haven't had anyone to work with them on language," said Dollarhite.

But the Dollarhites aren't in this alone. Brentwood Church's Mosaic program provided them with food, a play pen, and more.

"It's like an extra help you along to say 'hey you are not in this alone. If you need something, we're right behind you," said Dollarhite.

Equality Virginia says the state has more than 4,000 children in the foster care system. They say 50 % of foster youth will become homeless within 2 years of leaving foster care.

"We all need ongoing family love and support. So for these children, where do they spend Christmas," said Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Amber's goal is one day to adopt. But for now, she'll continue to foster until adoption becomes an option.

"We would never be able to say no knowing that there are children that have no place to go."

Amber admits fostering is not always easy and can be a lot of work. But she says it's worth it.

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