Governor Issues Annual State of the Commonwealth Address

Richmond, VA - Governor Bob McDonnell Wednesday took to the podium to make the annual State of the Commonwealth Address.

He made a lengthy speech to the Virginia General Assembly following the start of this year's session.

It included patting his own back on a slew of legislation that's been passed since he took office. As well as progress that his administration has continued.

Namely, education funding, cleaning up the Chesapeake, economic growth, and expanding on state-wide transportation.

Included in his speech; asking the general assembly to approve on his newly announced increase of a state sales tax, in conjunction with eliminating the state's gas tax.

McDonnell was quick to point out Virginia's successes while Washington struggles, "Here in Virginia, in the cradle of democracy, we enact policies that actually work. In Washington, we see debt, taxes, delays, blame, and dysfunction. But here in Virginia, we see results, solutions, job growth, surpluses, and cooperation. What a difference 90 miles can make" he said.

Democratic Delegate Dave Toscano, issued a response, to the Governor's address. In part citing Virginia losing it's title as the best state to do business, according to CNBC.

"We cannot afford another session like last year, or we will see Virginia's ability to compete with other states decline. In 2012 Virginia lost its ranking as the best state in the country to do business because we neglected issues like roads and schools in favor of social issues" said Toscano.