Gov. McDonnell Denies Wrongdoing After FBI Questioning

RICHMOND, VA - Governor Bob McDonnell denied he gave a Virginia company any special treatment Tuesday. Still, the FBI is involved launching an investigation, according to two anonymous sources.

The company is Star Scientific, a dietary supplement company. According to the sources, the FBI has questions about gifts the McDonnell family got from Star Scientific's CEO.

Late Tuesday afternoon, ABC 13 spoke with the FBI in Richmond, as well as the U.S. Attorney's Office Eastern Division. Both said they can not confirm nor deny the FBI is investigating the governor.

Two anonymous sources paint a different picture, though. They said FBI agents have asked questions about gifts the McDonnells have received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, and whether the Republican governor or his administration aided the company in return for those gifts.

The allegations started swirling after a securities probe into Star Scientific. Tuesday, ABC 13 asked Politico what this could mean for a future McDonnell presidential run.

"He's denied all wrong-doing. But in the future, if this investigation reveals more links to wrongdoing, particularly with violation to campaign finance laws, this could have a lot of trouble for him, especially as he weighs a possible 2016 run for the White House," said Kevin Cirilli, a Politico reporter.

Late Tuesday afternoon, ABC 13 got a statement from Star Scientific. It reads in part: "Our company neither sought nor received any special benefits from any public official."