Gov. McAuliffe at Virginia Tech for Drone Testing Event

Blacksburg, VA - The FAA will use six sites across the country to test drones, and one of them is right here in our area.

Governor Terry McAuliffe was in Blacksburg Wednesday to see a demonstration at Virginia Tech of the latest technology. That testing can now get officially underway. As part of Wednesday's ceremony several vendors that work in the field were on site showing off their goods. They had everything from aerial vehicles to mobile operation command posts. But the highlight of the day was a demonstration that brought to life a very real application, ensuring safety for first responders. They used a drone to evaluate the dangers of a chemical spill following a mock up accident.

Not only was it a big day locally, but for the FAA as well. They sent administrator Michael Huerta to be a part of the celebration.

"It's a very new industry and these are things we all want to have research that will guide us in ensuring that as these things move into our airspace system they'll operate safely," said Huerta.

The designation officially also includes sites in New Jersey and Maryland which are working together as one.

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