Goodwill Says Donors Confused Over New Donation Boxes

Roanoke, VA - More and more donation drop boxes are popping up around the area which has a local charity advising donors to make sure they pay attention to where donations are left.Goodwill Industries of the Valleys says they have been getting calls from donors confused about who owns the boxes. While a Goodwill spokeswoman says there is nothing wrong with the competition, she is hearing from donors who are surprised to find out not all donation boxes out there keep the resources local. "If you want to donate and you want it to benefit somebody locally make sure you are donating to a local non-profit. A lot of these boxes are benefiting even for profit companies. Or, if they benefit a non-profit in the area, it's a very, very small percentage. So just do your research and know where you are donating," said Kelly Coleman with Goodwill Industries of the Valleys.Goodwill Industries uses clothes donated to them in their many stores around the region.