Goode Speaks to EC Glass Students

Lynchburg, VA - Former Congressman and presidential candidate Virgil Goode was campaigning for your voice your vote Thursday. He spent some time with local high school Students. The Constitution party candidate was at E.C. Glass, where he spoke with some government classes.

He may not be the front runner, but Virgil Goode draws attention wherever he goes. He doesn't have an entourage, the secret service, or a campaign bus, but what he does have is a voice, and he made sure every one of these students heard it.

Taking a question from the audience, "Yes sir," said Virgil Goode. "If you had an ultimatum, would you pick President Obama, or Mitt Romney?" asked a student, "I'd write in Virgil Goode, because I know I can count on him," replied Goode.

Many of these high school juniors and seniors didn't even know who he was. But, they listened to Virgil Goode speak about his past, his party, and his platform, for almost an hour.

"If you're going to vote pro-life, pro traditional marriage, pro second amendment, you ought to be voting for me, and not Mitt Romney," said Goode.

"I think it gave a good glimpse into a politician," said E.C. Glass government teacher, Tim Matthews.

Matthews invited Goode to come speak to his classes.

"An experience like that, where you hear a candidate who's campaigned, and has gone through the issues, and can describe his platform, that's going to be so much more instructional, so much more educational than a lesson on the electoral college," said Matthews.

The take away for some students was positive.

"I really appreciate that he took the time. Lynchburg is not a very big place. That he took the time to come here and talk to us, you know there were republicans in there, democrats. I'm sure, people that don't even really know what their beliefs are," said senior, Madeleine McDonald.

"I think it's always big, regardless of political beliefs that we have a political candidate who's willing to take time and come here. So I appreciate his coming here and clearing up a couple questions," said senior, Ryan Lenna.

Goode spent the rest of the day campaigning in the area.

Matthews has extended invitations to President Obama and Mitt Romney, but he says they haven't yet responded.