Good Samaritans Save Kids After Lightning Strikes Their Home

Lynchburg, VA - Complete strangers helped rescue two kids after lightning struck their Lynchburg house. The strike started a fire at the home in the 500 block of Sussex Street yesterday afternoon. "I can't believe this just happened. Lightning, of all the things" said homeowner Nykia Gonzales. Inside the home were Shawn Glover and Nykia Gonzales's sixteen and seven-year-old daughters. However, as luck would have it, just moments before the lightning struck, two complete strangers happened to get a flat tire right in front of the Glovers' home. "They were outside of their vehicle looking at their car and they heard a loud bang. When they looked up, they saw the house was smoldering" said Glover. That's when the homeowners say the neighbor came out and alerted the men that the two children were inside. "Our neighbor had his leg amputated about a week ago. When he heard the pop he basically stumbled out of his house, hitting his bad knee, just to make sure our kids were safe" said Gonzales" Gonzales says the men began pounding on the door. Once they got in, the two moved the girls out of the burning house to safety. They even grabbed the car keys to move the family's car. "We don't know these guys but they were instrumental in saving the lives of our kids and our house" said Gonzales. "It could've been a lot worse had they not been here" added Glover. Fire crews were able to contain the fire to the attic but because of the damage to the structure the house was condemned. "It's hard when you see the sticker on your door that says you're not allowed to come into your house anymore. This is my house" said Gonzales. Still, the family says they feel fortunate that the men happened to be in the right place at the right time. Fire officials say it may be several months before the family can live in the house again. The homeowners have since tracked down those two good Samaritans. They say they plan on reaching out to thank them for their help.