Good News for Charlotte Airport; Impresses Lynchburg Regional Administrators

Lynchburg, VA - There were a lot of delayed flights throughout the east coast because of all that wet weather on Monday.

One place where delays are few and far between though is at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.

According the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Huffington Post, Charlotte is among the top five most on time airports in the country. Factors included the likelihood of making a connection, the average wait time for security, and how busy the airport is.

This is great news for the Lynchburg Regional Airport. Flights out of the Hill City go exclusively to Charlotte.

"It's excellent for us because we can be more insured that our passengers are going to get where they're going or come back home on time. It's really good that we are hooked up with Charlotte airport" said Rick Stein, the Deputy Director for Lynchburg Regional.

Among the list of top on time airports were Boston, Tampa, and Minneapolis.