God's Storehouse in Danville Sees Increase

Danville, VA -- God's Storehouse in Danville has seen big changes over the years but they say one difference is the number of people they serve. They say just in the past year, they've noticed a drastic increase in the number of people signing up for food. That may not be so surprising with the newest figures out Wednesday still showing the Danville metropolitan region has the highest unemployment in the state.

"I don't think some people would be able to make it if they didn't come down here," said Sharon Mayo.

At God's Storehouse, the lines remain long, and the need remains plentiful. Sharon Mayo can attest to the increase in customers over the years, she's been going to God's Storehouse for decades.

"It's hard and the food keep going up and by the food keep going up some people do not have," said Mayo.

Executive Director, Karen Harris, says in 2011 they served 27,000 people. Just one year later, they served 31,000. And they've seen a 90% increase since 2004.

"It just continues, it tells us that the need is still great in this area," said Karen Harris, Executive Director.

Many turn to the economy as a reason for the increase. But they also look to other factors.

"I think just the economy, the holidays, just trying to recover from that and just expenses," said Harris.

"The economy. You can work all you want but that don't mean you got enough to pay rent, light bill and whatever else bill you got and buy groceries," said Mayo.

Harris says their new building provides the extra space they need. And luckily, the community has shown their support. They've kept up with the demand in both volunteers and donations. But she hopes the numbers will one day decrease.

"I don't think we will ever be out of business. I don't think there will ever be people in this community that are not hungry and don't need food but I would hope...that we will see a decrease," said Harris.

Karen Harris says while they have kept up with food donations, they could always use more help. They have a lot of expenses to pay and always need money.

If you're interested, you can donate here.