God's Pit Crew on the Way to Louisiana

Crews on Their Way to LA

Update Thursday:

God's Pit Crew hit the road Thursday morning after packing up supplies for victims of this storm.

The trucks have over 100,000 pounds of relief supplies like bottled water and personal hygiene products.

The crew is also brining along some heavy equipment to help clean up devastated areas.

Right now the trucks are headed straight for Louisiana but are not sure just where in that state they will end up.


Update Wednesday:

Danville, VA - God's Pit Crew trucks will carry more than 100,000 pounds of relief supplies Thursday to Louisiana.

Volunteers will be at the warehouse at 6 a.m., They will deliver personal hygiene supplies and other essentials.


Danville, VA - God's Pit Crew in Danville is already gearing up to help out with Isaac clean-up.

Crews spent hours Monday loading tractor trailers full of equipment and supplies. They are sending at least two full loads of water, Gatorade, dry goods and blessing buckets.

They could send up to five trailers. They don't know where they are going yet, but expect to leave on Wednesday.

If you want to help, they are looking for water and monetary donations.

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