God's Pit Crew In Need of Bottles of Water

Danville, VA - God's Pit Crew in Danville is asking for your help.

The non-profit crisis response team runs to the rescue of families devastated by a natural disaster, but they need community support to prepare just in case another disaster strikes.
They said they need water, and lots of it. God's Pit Crew said they sent over 170,000 bottles of water to affected areas after the chemical spill in West Virginia back in January.
With tornado season approaching they said they need to be stocked with water, and right now, they've run out.
They're on a mission to fill a truck with bottles of water this week. They're set up at Danville Toyota-Scion from Wednesday until Saturday.
"We don't have much water, so we are really asking if you can bring water, if you can bring a case, a couple cases, a pallet, whatever you want to bring, we'll carry it," said George Rhamy, a God's Pit Crew Volunteer,
Racing personality, Peyton Sellers will join in collecting water with God's Pit Crew on Saturday and will be signing autographs.
Of course when God's Pit Crew responds to a disaster they need to fill up those big trucks with gas. They said monetary donations are also welcome.