God's Pit Crew In Danville Juggling Helping Natural Disaster Victims

Danville, VA - God's Pit Crew in Danville is holding off helping tornado victims in Arkansas because they anticipate more potential local emergencies in the coming week with the threat of severe weather and they don't want to have their crews and supplies states away.Over the weekend, God's Pit Crew delivered about 30,000 lbs of relief supplies to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. They are seeing if those tornado victims need further assistance and determining what they can do to help. They're also keeping a close eye on Arkansas. Crews have been spending the day packing up their trucks and getting ready to go, if they decide to go."If we have things that are closer to our own neighborhood here, we want to be available for those. But we want to respond to things that happen in Arkansas and North Carolina as well because those people are really devastated," said Randy Johnson, Director of GPC.Gleaning for the World in Concord has not made any decisions yet either on if they are sending supplies to Arkansas, but they will have a decision by Tuesday. If you want to help, God's Pit Crew says they are in desperate need of bottled water. You can deliver it to them or go to to make a donation.