God's Pit Crew Helping With Isaac Cleanup

Baton Rouge, LA - God's Pit Crew headed South to help with Hurricane Isaac clean up. They left Thursday and arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Friday afternoon.

Executive Director Randy Johnson says their 18 volunteers got there around 2 p.m. He says the damage is just terrible.

The worst part is they haven't even gotten to the hardest hit areas yet, so they don't even know the extent of the destruction. They hoped to go to Robert, Louisiana, but were redirected because of flooding.

They brought four tractor trailer loads of supplies, equipment and products, which they plan to distribute. Right now, they are handing out water, personal hygiene supplies and blessing buckets to people in shelters. But they are ready to do more if needed - like putting tarps on roofs.

Johnson says they drove over a bridge into Baton Rouge and can tell hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

"It's heartbreaking because you know for every one of those houses that is under water, that's a family. Everything they own, every belonging they have is now sitting under muddy water," said Johnson.

God's Pit Crew plans to stay through the week. If you want to help, they are hoping to get more water and supplies, as well as monetary donations.

Get more information on how you can help here.