God's Pit Crew Heads to NY, NJ for Sandy Relief

Danville, VA - God's Pit Crew in Danville is known for providing relief to those in need following major natural disasters. When Sandy hit, they sprang into action, sending crews and supplies to hard hit areas of New York.

They returned home to get more supplies, and now they're back on the road.
They took all kinds of supplies from food and water to blankets and soap.The volunteers hope to be a sign of recovery to those still struggling to pick up the pieces.
Part of the mission of God's Pit Crew is to provide disaster relief nationwide. They've done just that by sending supplies and volunteers to people in the Northeast hit the hardest by hurricane Sandy.
"We took water, blankets, blessing buckets - which is a five gallon bucket we put together there at the warehouse that consists of hygiene items," said volunteer driver Tim Zola.
Zola made the trip to New York and is on the road to get help to the people of New Jersey.Even for a seasoned disaster relief volunteer, the devastation has taken an emotional toll.
"It's always a very humbling experience and it really makes you think about the things that we take for granted everyday," said Zola.
He says the folks in Queens where they made their first stop were overwhelmed with gratitude when they saw all the supplies come off the trucks.
"They were very appreciative. They were out there waiting for us when we actually rolled into Jamaica, New York about 2 o'clock in the morning, " Zola said.
Now they hope to bring the same joy to the people of New Jersey - some of whom have lost everything.
Zola said they are able to accomplish it all through their faith and commitment to serve.
"There's many of those people still out there struggling and still needing help and hopefully we can bring a little hope to them and show them the love of Jesus, " said Zola.
The President of Gleaning for the World in Concord tells me they are also sending supplies to New York and New Jersey - including more than 20,000 blankets.
They will be shipping the items today so they will arrive before the potential Nor 'Easter heading for the East Coast later this week.