GLTC to Add Bus Stop at Lynchburg Airport

Lynchburg, VA - A regular bus connection to and from the Lynchburg Regional Airport by GLTC is in the works. The change is all part of a restructuring of the routes brought on by the opening of the new transfer center in the Kemper Street area. GLTC says the airport has been served in the past on a request basis, but now it'll be a stop. It could be in service by the end of this month. "StarTek and the airport were probably the two biggest requests for bus service, regular bus service, that we've been getting. I think a lot of people would rather who don't want to actually park at the airport will now be able to take the bus over there," said GLTC General Manager Karen Walton. The apartment complex and Overlook at Stone Mill will also be included. Walton says large poster boards at the transfer center will be put up to clarify the changes for passengers.