Globetrotter Plays Local Basketball Star

Roanoke Co., VA - One of the Globetrotters came to William Byrd High School Monday to take on William Byrd Basketball standout Marvey'O Otey.

The event is part of an advance appearance for the Globetrotters who are set to be at the Roanoke Civic Center on February 27.

Part of the diplomacy is highlighting hoopsters just like Otey who get a once in a lifetime chance, perhaps, making it on ESPN's Sports Center Highlights.

Monday's meeting included a game of "HORSE" that kept the Byrd senior working hard to stay in the competition.

Competition all in fun as Anthony "Buckets" Blake real goal was to give Otey the props "Buckets" and the rest of the Globetrotters wanted Otey to have.

"Then he ran out of the gym the same time he was saving the basketball.... then drains it? You know, that's out of this world. That's a tough, difficult shot so I was just amazed. I was in awe just like everybody else," said "Buckets" Blake.

"It was really nerve wrecking. All the attention is on you. It was a lot of pressure so it was hard," Otey said.

In the end "Buckets" won the "HORSE" game by replicating Otay's now famous shot; nothing but net.

Both guys actually came close a few times.

About 200 students and faculty that stayed after school to catch the fun.