Glenn Beck Returns To Liberty University

Glenn Beck is a divisive figure in the world of political commentators. Today, however, his focus was entirely on that of the spiritual world. Speaking before a packed crowd at Liberty University's Vines Center, Beck spoke frankly about his troubles, including his battle with alcoholism and feelings of hopelessness. Beck said "I will tell you that I was a man who was lost, and hopeless. I am a recovering alcoholic, I couldn't hold my sobriety until the atoning power of Jesus Christ."Glenn Beck had previously spoken at Liberty in 2010, as the featured speaker for LU's Commencement Ceremony.On this day, Beck's message of finding the answers through scripture struck a nerve with students like Jessica Kramer. A government studies student, Kramer is an admitted fan of Beck, but was impressed by the religious focus of his speech, saying "His speech was very much focused on the Lord, and not so much political, so I don't think there could be any controversy from this. I think he stuck true to scripture, and gave us a good message to leave with." Being a history enthusiast, Beck brought a collection of religious pieces on stage, including the Bible of King Louis the 15th, to illustrate the importance of diving into scripture. Challenging students to not be silent in their faith, Beck asked students to examine their own beliefs.He summarized by saying "Today, we are facing perilous times. You are going to be pushed and challenged every step of the way. What is it you truly believe?"