Gleaning Sending Supplies to Jordan

Appomattox, VA - Gleaning for the World is packing up supplies for its first shipment ever to Jordan.

We stopped by Gleaning's Appomattox warehouse Friday for a look at the supplies. Many Syrians have been seeking refuge in Jordan to escape their brutal Civil War. To help, Gleaning's looking for personal care items like shampoo, adult diapers, nail clippers and more.

For Gleaning, it's important to do this work in the Arab world too.

"If we can show the Christian compassion, we can show that we are not their enemy, we are not their friend, there's a God that still cares about them. We want to be able to show God's love and to earn the right to just be Christians in an Arab world,"said Rev. Ron Davidson, president.

The shipment will go out in the middle of the month, so you still have time to donate. Here is a complete list of supplies:

Personal Care


Cotton balls

Nail Clippers

Women's Hygiene supplies

Adult Diapers

New Undergarments including: underpants, T-shirts, socks

New or gently used blankets

Bars of soap




Food (non perishable, no pork)

Infant/Baby Supplies

Baby Diapers

Baby Wipes

Infant food/Baby formula